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A Few Commonly Asked Questions


Please feel free to send us a request for additional information. We will be glad to answer any of your questions, prepare an estimate based on your menu and guest count, or schedule a tasting. 


Do You Provide Tastings?


Yes, we do provide tastings. Tastings are free for those who have booked or book during the tasting. There is a charge of $15 for each item requested by those who have not, or do not book. We appreciate a tasting of four items as we will prepare the true portion size that will be served.


When and how should I reserve the date?


You should reserve your party date as soon as you have confirmed the date and the factthat you would like to utilize Willy's. We practice a first come first serve booking. As soon as we know you would like the date, we will send you a deposit form for you to fill out and return with a deposit check in the amount of $500.00.

We dedicate ourselves to one event per day, and only 3 events per week. Because of this, we fill in very fast and are usually booked four months to a year out during prime dates. 


What are the costs associated with an event?
Our pricing structure is based on your menu and guest count. Start with your base food cost, add a 9% state tax for food or a 10% For bar . If their is service involved a service charge of 15% And a 20% gratuity is charged. A travel and or delivery charge may apply do to distance. When requesting a quote, all of the costs are included so you may see them broken down.


What is and is not Included in the cost?


Included in your food cos, when utilizing Willy's, are all the plates, silver, glassware (if utilizing our bar service) buffet service, coffee service (if applicable), and mobile kitchen that is required to produce the ordered event. 

Service, tax and gratuity, linens, tables, chairs, and tents are not included in the base food cost. 


What about kids meals, band's or dj's meals and special diets?


Kids meals can be ordered in addition to your menu. The cost is $10.for each menu item. this menu can be found in our menu packet. For band or other vendors the cost is based on the entree price and does not include apps, starters, or dessert. For specialty diets such as vegan or gluten free their is no additional charge as long as there are 10 or fewer requests. 

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