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Chris & Karri Willy 

Dedication and Comitment to your event is the basis of our service to you!

Since 2005 Chris and Karri have been serving the North East Kingdom of Vermont. Catering events from 300 person corporate picnics, wedding's and rehearsals, to small bbq's and family gatherings.  Whether your event is located on your property, at one of the many venues in the area.


Willy's Catering is equipped with all of it's own plates, glasses, silver, and kitchen needs including a full mobile food truck and trailer for both on and off site events.  This is built into the cost of the food, making it easier and more affordable for the customer without any worries about any rental fees associated with your event.


Our staff are all profesionals. Black slacks with black long sleeve shirts and bistro aprons are our attire.  We pride ourselves on their profesionalism and appearance.



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